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Brand story

The founder of Chek Hup first came to Malaysia from China in 1949 to help relatives manage a grocery store in Rawang. A few years later, he moved to KL and started selling traditional Chinese desserts to earn a living. Being an ambitious man, he soon ventured to Ipoh and started “Funny Mountain” Soya Bean. The Soya Bean shop was a success and has since been a famous landmark of Ipoh until the present day.

In 1965, he decided to venture into the rock sugar business. He named the company Chek Hup. A few months later, he decided to hand the Funny Mountain business to his brother to focus on building Chek Hup. From 1965 until the 1990’s, he expanded the rock sugar business in Ipoh to cater to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

Since then, Chek Hup has diversified from producing different types of rock sugar for various food applications to the instant beverage business in year 2000 when the 3in1 Ipoh White Coffee was launched, using rock sugar as one of the core ingredients. Chek Hup also expanded the instant beverage business by launching the instant Teh Tarik and Hot Chocolate range and stepped into the export market in year 2003.

Chek Hup White Coffee became popular in 2009 both in the local and export market, mainly in the Asia Pacific region including South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines) and greater china (Mainland China, HK, Taiwan). Chek Hup is currently producing 7,200 tonnes of instant beverages and rock sugar annually, with an annual targeted turnover of RM100 million.