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Classic Series

Every tiny granule tells a story. To begin with, it’s the heart. Dark-roasted, aromatic microground Colombian beans from the Andean highlands where the terroir highlights the beans’ exotic characteristics. This prized center is wrapped in medium-roasted South American Arabica instant coffee to intensify what distinguishes a coffee experience: the aroma and taste. Blended with rock sugar and contained no artificial coffee flavoring. That’s what famous Ipoh Classic White Coffee is all about!

Introducing Chek Hup Classic White Coffee Hazelnut flavor. Our 3-in-1 Classic White Coffee with Hazelnut is able to tease one’s tastebuds, tantalizing one’s senses with its aromatic hazelnut aroma. Get yourself a cup of our Ipoh Classic White Coffee Hazelnut from Chek Hup online shop.