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Chek Hup was established in Ipoh, Malaysia in the mid 1900’s, marking the birth of a unique brand that is known for its special brew of roasted coffee beans. Chek Hup is founded by a true coffee enthusiast who merged the local flavoring and culture with freshly roasted premium coffee beans. Being an innovative corporation, Chek Hup had brewed up an entire range of goodness for any time and occasion!

Chek Hup has expanded its brand thousands of miles across the globe, introducing its rich, creamy taste and aroma to new taste buds each day. Chek Hup offers over a dozen different products and exclusive blends.

The Chek Hup R&D team constantly updates the range of goodness with revolutionary beverages such as the iconic 3-in-1 Ipoh White Coffee designed to provide a perfect cuppa anytime, anywhere.
Our Founder
The founder of Chek Hup first came to Malaysia from China in 1949 to help relatives manage a grocery store in Rawang. A few years later, he moved to KL and started selling traditional Chinese desserts to earn a living. Being an ambitious man, he soon ventured to Ipoh and started “Funny Mountain” Soya Bean. The Soya Bean shop was a success and has since been a famous landmark of Ipoh until the present day.

In 1965, he decided to venture into the rock sugar business. He named the company Chek Hup. A few months later, he decided to hand the Funny Mountain business to his brother to focus on building Chek Hup. From 1965 until the 1990’s, he expanded the rock sugar business in Ipoh to cater to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

The founder of Chek Hup and the making of rock sugar
Since then, Chek Hup has diversified from producing different types of rock sugar for various food applications to the instant beverage business in year 2000 when the 3in1 Ipoh White Coffee was launched, using rock sugar as one of the core ingredients. Chek Hup also expanded the instant beverage business by launching the instant Teh Tarik and Hot Chocolate range and stepped into the export market in year 2003.

Chek Hup White Coffee became popular in 2009 both in the local and export market, mainly in the Asia Pacific region including South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines) and greater china (Mainland China, HK, Taiwan). Chek Hup is currently producing 7,200 tonnes of instant beverages and rock sugar annually, with an annual targeted turnover of RM100 million.
Chek Hup’s logo shows a rabbit, a wheelbarrow and coffee beans. These items represent Chek Hup. The rabbit in the logo symbolizes purity and honesty. Its upright ears signifies happiness and positivity. CH, the company initials are used in the design of the rabbit while the wheelbarrow symbolizes pushing forward and staying ahead at all times. The coffee beans are the core products of the company.

The phrase Chek Hup is a combination of “grace” and “cooperation”—the two elements that make our coffee special—the blend of unique ingredients that results in the smooth delicate texture of our coffee, totally a prefect brew.

Chek Hup Logo The Rabbit, the wheelbarrow and coffee beans
Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee - The Logo
Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee Mascot - Caffie

CAFFIE (Hero Rabbit)

Genuine - Chek Hup promises to serve you and your family wholeheartedly by ensuring that all products are made of natural raw ingredients.

Good Leadership - Being a legendary brand that plays a significant role in the history of FMCG market, we would like to stress that OUR customers’ loyalty, trust and support are the only factors that keep us moving.

Life Companion - The marvelous taste of our products brings you the most satisfying enjoyment and energizes every single day of yours.
Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee Mascot - Chekkie

CHEKKIE (Worker Rabbit)

Skillful - We confidently ensure the excellence of all products through professional quality management and careful supervision of every single procedure throughout the manufacturing process.

Innovative - Everyone in Chek Hup, Chek Hup has never given up bringing the most satisfying drink into your life.

Commitment - Thanks to the unconditional contribution and sacrifice of our team, Chek Hup is heading towards the right path of success.
Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee Mascot - Huppie

HUPPIE (Flying Rabbit)

Efficient - We place strong emphasis on service quality and work performances. With confidence and passion, we face all challenges positively.

Ambitious - We insist to share the best quality with every honorable customer. We are faithful that our products will be introduced to all four corners of the globe and to every customer.

High achievement - Chek Hup is being internationally recognized. Improving sales performance is the best warranty of our products’ quality.
Awards & Accreditations
Over the years, Chek Hup has been awarded a number of prestigious awards and titles for numerous programs. Amongst these awards and accreditations are:
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  • Awards
  • Accreditations
  • Golden Bull Award 2006
  • Golden Bull Award 2007
  • Golden Bull Award 2008
  • Golden Bull Celcom Award 2008
  • Golden Bull Award 2009
  • Golden Bull Award 2010
  • Golden Bull Award 2011
  • Enterprise 50 Award 2007
  • Enterprise 50 Award 2008
  • Enterprise 50 Award 2009
  • The Brandlaureate Award 2008
  • The Brandlaureate Award 2009
  • The Brandlaureate Award 2010
  • The International Taste & Quality Award 2006
  • The International Taste & Quality Award 2010
  • The International Taste & Quality Award 2012
  • The Malaysia State of Perak Tourism Association Award 2007 Award
  • HACCP Accredited by Moody International
  • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited by Moody International
  • ISO 14001:2004 Accredited by Moody International
  • Halal Certification
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System