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Story of White Coffee
The Story of White Coffee began in the 1950s when a coffee sommelier from Ipoh created a new recipe by roasting coffee beans with margarine, brewed and served with sweetened condensed milk in a creamy form. This new recipe offers a unique coffee aroma and profile, known as the famous Ipoh White Coffee that we enjoy today.

Ipoh in 1950s
At the time, there were only a few traditional coffee shops in Ipoh selling white coffee. It didn’t take long before white coffee started to gain popularity as its rich aroma and unique taste makes it almost irresistible. 
It soon became the mainstream coffee drink and almost every coffee shop in Ipoh started to sell white coffee. Within a few months, white coffee became extremely popular throughout Malaysia.
White Coffee in kopitiam
A New Recipe
In the 1990s, the founder of Chek Hup Sdn Bhd, a coffee enthusiast and lover, decided to perfect the taste of the Ipoh White Coffee, from the selection of fine coffee beans, blending, roasting, brewing, to premium rock sugar, he refined and improved every step to the finest detail to launch Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee.
15 countries worldwide
In the recent years,
Chek Hup has spread its wings to share the magnificent taste and aroma to the world. Savoured by thousands of locals each day, it didn’t come as a surprise that the response was overwhelming when introduced abroad. Today, Chek Hup's range of goodness can be enjoyed in 15 countries worldwide proving that great taste is a shared passion around the world!